How to
solve the
in sports

How to solve
the biggest media
conflict in sports

"Are you tired of placing paid ads to get the media coverage you need for your sports organization? Imagine if all external media outlets could work as your own media channels. We've built the Pressroom solution on top of that toughts."

Christian Dreier,
Founder of cd mediateam Est. and Pressroom

The beginning of the story

Born in the 20th century

Remember your meet with the Internet. Since that moment media budgets of sports organizations increase.

Back in time when successful sports teams were buying their first homepage. After signing a sponsor's contract that so cool website got delivered and a thought pops up. We need somebody to fill it on a regular basis. This was the beginning of the story. Furthermore, Social Media transforms every sports organization into a media organization.

"Own channels give us our authentic voice. But in saying that, it makes controlling external media more complex. We grew up in the middle of this new rivalry and see teams struggling."

Christian Dreier, Founder of cd mediateam Est. and Pressroom

Enough is Enough

When the red line is crossed

Focusing on our channels hurts our media relations. We walk on a thin path and need a lot of human resources and money.

And that's not enough.

And it goes on.

"We will never ever pay any media outlet, but give them the best possibilities to do their work. And we go “all-in” and say also: The whole costs of the excellent media work that is done by your organization has to be payed."

Christian Dreier, Founder of cd mediateam Est. and Pressroom

Reporters are like alligators. You don't have to love them, you don't necessarily have to like them. But you do have to feed them.


Pressroom Solution

Holding the treasure in hands

We learned that a sports organization has so much more to give than money. Being the king of your content will change everything.

Media products shine with the power of our storylines. Giving the best stories save you from media conflicts. Pressroom helps you to keep your workload low and the output high. Sitting at the source, opportunities for stories are endless and we don't have to be selfish. Truly, there is enough. For them and for you.

Let's fill their suitcases with great stories. We show you how.

What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?

Delivered in a metal briefcase the Pressroom solution make relevant sports organizations like yours ready for this step. Or clients like EC Red Bull Salzburg or EC-KAC can proof this words.

You can call it:

a mindset,
an eco-system, or
a SaaS product.

The goal is clear:

Pressroom solution gives you the power to keep your hands on image and publicity by distributing media content.

What's next? Talk to a real human.

Get the gist of Pressroom with a free guided tour and find out if the solution is a good fit.

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